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Our stage and studios may be silent right now...

but our creativity is thriving!

Flutist Reva Youngstein had an idea to create a musicians cookbook, with help from her fellow NYC-area musician-colleagues. This community of professional musicians, isolating at home, were exercising their creativity in their kitchens and posting photos of their culinary masterpieces all over social media. But these posts weren't all about newfound culinary virtuosity,  these musicians were also longing for camaraderie and a sense of connection. All performing artists can not safely do what they love the most right now: creating music with cherished fellow performers for live audiences. And arts-educators can not enjoy the natural live exchange between student and master. 


Creating Musicians Cook! together allows ALL area musicians to connect with each other AND to connect with their former live audience members.  

Your purchase of our Musicians Cook! cookbook will bring pleasure and delight to your tables and taste buds, while also supporting musicians in need. All profits from book sales go directly to the Local 802 Emergency Relief Fund, helping many musicians suffering financial hardship. New York musicians are facing great challenges while the performing arts industry is on indefinite pause. Public support is the lifeline for which every performing artist is grateful, during this time of crisis. 

Join with the professional musicians of NYC, and purchase the Musicians Cook! cookbook. Enjoy the delicious recipes, and the musicians’ intimate and funny stories, and get cooking!  

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