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Musicians Cook! is a 288 page cookbook with 283 recipes and stories submitted by quarantining NYC-area musicians during the covid pandemic. From the performance hall to the kitchen, musicians share their artistry and love of food.

All proceeds from the cookbook will go directly to the
Local 802 Emergency Relief Fund which helps NYC musicians who are suffering financial hardship at this time.

Music Album
available now!

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This compilation of recorded, live performances from over 40 of the Musicians Cook! contributors, is a recipe for enjoyment. Our Musicians Cook and Play! album will be your musical companion in the kitchen, or anywhere.  With a melange of musical styles, you will relish every note from each of our world-class, NYC-area musicians. Our food has nourished your body, and now our music will feed your soul!   

Our new compilation of music from NYC musicians

Musicians Cook and Play!
is available on any digital platform

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Senator Chuck Schumer, please enjoy Musicians Cook!

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And, thanks so much for supporting musicians!

"As a cooking lover and French master chef, I think this colorful cookbook will delight you. Containing a variety of almost 300 well-written, and well-loved recipes and stories, this great project is a collection that any chef or home cook should have and use every day. HAPPY COOKING!"

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A word from Claude Godard
Maitre Cuisinier de France

"Everyone should buy this book, for great summer recipes and overall musicians support!"


François Latapie
Owner of the Little Frog
Member of the Académie Culinaire de France

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